Done With Steroids; Lemtrada Date?

Yesterday I finished day 3/3 of my IV steroids (Solu-medrol). I was in the actual infusion center today and I got to talk to the nurses who is is charge of my Lemtrada (I like and trust her so I am happy). She asked if they gave me a date yet and I told her they had not which she found weird. She had heard rumors of when this was supposed to happen which I was able to trace back to someone in the billing department. “Don’t quote me but I hear about the 31st”. A lot later than “by next week” but hey, I got 3 days of steroids in me and that will be on top of another 5 days plus Lemtrada in a few weeks if this is all true. So we will see.

For now I would definitely say my vision is pretty blurry which can be typical with high doses of steroids. I almost feel like I do not have my glasses on! All I know is that for awhile steroids did nothing good or bad for me making me assume I had built up a tolerance so the fact that it has been messing with me this time around makes me think it is actually doing something. Fingers crossed! Hopefully in the next couple weeks it will resolve because right now it is hard enough making it from one side of my room to the other without tripping. Hopefully by next month I will be getting around on my feet again and even though my immune system will be in the tank I am still going to try to see my friends visiting from Colorado (unless I feel sick as death) which means a surgical mask and contacts to avoid my lens’s fogging up.

Oh, by the way. Before I forget, I moved my electric kettle, instant coffee/ powdered creamer and sugar upstairs so I can make coffee in the morning without waiting for someone to wake up and help me since the stairs and I are not really on the best terms at the moment. Mmmm, instant, tastes like… horrible. Better than starving waiting for someone else to wake up since I usually wake up early. Plus, it’s like I have an ounce of independence going on here… This coffee really is horrible though…

-oh yeah, my Mom has been using my car to get to work. She came hope shortly after leaving because my car was “acting funny”. She said it felt like a flat tire but when she checked there was nothing. So now I have to try to get down and out there to see if I can visually see what is going on because with all the crap in my life right now I don’t nee my car to break down on me when I am finally getting so close to being able to drive (I hope). So that is what I get to do right now, ugh, wish me luck…


My car looks fine so I need someone to drive me in it because maybe the tires are unbalanced or something? I am not sure; I need to feel it in motion. Anyways I should mention, I stopped taking CBD oil the day before yesterday; I want to see how I feel on steroids alone. I took Provigil today (for energy) and so far I guess I have a bit more energy; I don’t feel all “pumped” but I swept the back patio, sprayed it down, watered the palm trees, soaked the compost bin and watered the grass front and back so I suppose that counts as a boost in energy? Then again I could not sleep last night so maybe this would be the steroids? What ever, I don’t know and frankly I do not care right now. Also, my balance; I lean forward to pick something up and I feel like I am going to keep falling in that direction. I still can not close my eyes with my heels together and my arms extended in front of me; I can bare close my eyes with my arms out whiles my heel are not touching!

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