Time to Look for a Job (With MS)

Now that the little health scare over being forced offTysabri too soon (also when I am just about to start working on getting my life going in a new state) is over I am desperate to find a job. I want to work! Earn a steady check! And while I am wetting my feet in the life of steady employment I wouldn’t mind having something to complain and stress about besides MS! The days have been going kind of slow for me as waiting to start working, saving money and building a new life has been like watching water boil; I can’t stop thinking about all of it now that I am not thinking as much about my Tysabri,  so time is just dddraaagggiiinnnggg! I am trying to be patient but I feel much like a child waiting for Christmas morning; I am so close I can taste it!.. or… feel it? I don’t know but you get what I am trying to say!

Tomorrow morning I am walking down to my first desired place of employment to apply and since I know the job pretty well and have some related experience I am really hoping I can at least get an interview (to see how much an employer may ask about my unemployment gap/MS). Everyone seems to be hiring out here everywhere you go but since I don’t have a car yet a job within walking distance would be great. Hopefully I can get early shifts as well so it will be nice and cool out plus, that is when I have the most energy. I am not really worried about the MS but though because there seems to be a high incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in Colorado (though I am not sure of the number yet) so public awareness of the disease is a little higher (or so I have read).

Other than waiting for all that to start happening, not too much is new right now. I have been loosing so much weight lately so I have been trying to pack in the calories to all of my meals. The other day I was at the store looking for some sort of protein shake and I found one specifically for putting on weight; 630 calories per 8 ounces (0.30 deciliters)! I had a cup last night and it was pretty good but soon after I felt really tired. I had one this morning after my walk and the same thing; I because so tired that I fell asleep on the floor! What the heck? Is my body actually struggling to handle all the calories in that small drink (much like turkey makes people tired during the holidays)? Is there something else in that shake that is affecting my health? I have never had a problem with other protein shakes but who knows? All I DO know is tomorrow I will skip it before I head down to apply for that job. Anyways, wish me luck!