My First Day Back to Work Since MS

Yesterday I started my new job; my first hourly job since I was diagnosed with MS. Sure I have done photography work and various online ventures but now I actually have an hourly job! I was nervous about a lot of things but of course that was just me thinking about the worst case scenario because the only thing I had trouble with was walking down the stairs from the upper level offices and break room. Now when I say “trouble” I mean I just had to walk down a bit slower than everyone else. Oh yeah, my glasses kept sliding down my nose while I was on the register… big deal… just annoying… but I will fix that with some heat shrink tubing and a heat gun. Easy.

I did an 8-hour shift yesterday; the first 4 hours was more of an orientation so we read paperwork, watched videos, and signed paperwork. Having worked retail before it was all “common sense” to me so that bit was easy. I of course “was the first person to ever have answered that when speaking to a customer, excuse me, GUEST, in a wheelchair you should get down to eye level with them”. “I have a bit of experience with that” I said haha. The only “disabled guest” question someone else answered before me was about a deaf customer; this other new employee’s girl friend is deaf so he even knows some sign language! Pretty awesome!

When I first started retail work (OK now I am sounding like an old timer haha) our register was nothing but a keyboard and a small display that showed the customer the prices. We had to memorize all sorts of commands and we did a lot of 10 key work. Now? We have an LCD screen that basically tells us what to do. Several quick keys to do most the work and the only time you really have to use the number pad is when the guest is paying with cash or a check.

They put us new people on 2 different registers on the side to do some “training” exercises, one problem; training mode was not working. So we could only do a few steps before having to cancel the transaction. I flipped through the book and decided it was pretty self-explanatory. We told our trainer it would be easier to just learn side by side with an employee actually ringing guests up. So I watched this girl run the register for about 10 minutes and then I took over. There were a few things I had to ask about and within an hour I felt I had pretty much got it down. Eventually the girl I was working with left and I ran the register on my own for about 2 hours no problem; easy!

So all and all I would say it went great and that was doing what almost all retail workers hate; running a register. I am in Electronics so I won't really be doing too much of that, they just want everyone to know how to work the registers, so from now on my schedule has me training in the electronics department. This is where I think the fun really begins! I work just under 8 hours today; I am closing. That’s going to take some getting used to. Some days waking up early and others working late. I think with some minor adjustments I will do just fine, especially once I get a car. To take the bus to work involves walking a tad over a mile (one and a half kilometers) to the bus stop, 30 minutes on the bus, and about another 1.20 miles (almost 2km) to my final destination. That wouldn't be bad if that last 1.20 miles had sidewalks but I work in Littleton and it seems to me that they do not believe in sidewalks which means walking on the shoulder of the road and through itchy brush. It’s been raining pretty steady for the last couple of days so I am just now thinking; won’t it be muddy? So I really hope to get a car this weekend because that will turn an hour and a half “journey” to work into a 15 minute drive and on nights like tonight I don't want to have to put my Aunt or Uncle out of their way…

Either way I am just happy to have a job and as long as it keeps going well I'll be even happier to be done with SSI (benefits); I just need this last payment tomorrow to transition me over to receiving my first paycheck from this job! I will make it work one way or another; fingers crossed!

Oh yeah, that picture? I felt like a druggy carrying a plastic baggy full of pills at work and I couldn't find any pill cases anywhere! So I got innovative as I always do. I grabbed a thing of chapstick, removed the actual chapstick, pulled off the platform that pushed the chapstick up, pulled out the plastic track that the platform rose on, cut off the track off from the base, reattached the base of the track (to plug the bottom of the tube), cleaned it all out, and now I have a pill case that fits in my pocket, closes tightly with the lid, and simply looks like some chapstick. Someone on Facebook called me Matgyver haha!