Diphenhydramine Not Zzzquil For Sleep! Zoloft!

 Since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I have had issues sleeping on and off. Issues like restless leg syndrome and issues like plain old insomnia. Sometimes my brain just won't shut off and it just keeps thinking and thinking and thinking! I have taken all sorts of aids to sleep (both over the counter and prescription medications) like benzodiazepines (such as Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax or Valium) to try to catch some Z's. My latest prescription to help me with this issue is Restoril (Temazepam), another benzodiazepine usually used for insomnia.

I have not had to use this too much lately as I have been practicing good sleeping habits for a while now such as dimming the lights an hour before bed as well as stopping any activity that keeps my brain active. This has helped a lot but every now and then I need an extra "kick" to get me to sleep. Lately that has been every night... I have been a lot more active and feeling much better about myself so of course I am writing more on my blog. This has had my mind going nonstop for the last few days and when I try to sleep I can't stop thinking about things I want to write about! So I started taking my Temazepam again and the other night I realized... I was taking my last one...

After that I was in a panic to find something to help me sleep and it was a Sunday so I couldn't ask for a refill from my neurologist since the office was closed. So for the next couple of days I used Benadryl to help knock me out. I then saw a commercial for Zzzquil on TV so I decided I would go check it out because I was now out of Benadryl as well. So I get to the store, find the Zzzquil, and note that it was $4.47 for 12 liquid capsules. Each capsule was 25mg and the box directed you to take 2 at a time (totaling 50mg) which means your paying almost 75 cents to sleep per night. Sounds worth it though right?

The active ingredient in Zzzquil is Diphenhydramine, so I look to the left and find a generic brand of Diphenhydramine capsules which were 50mg each. That is how much Zzzquil wants you to take at once right? It was $4.00 for a box of 32 capsules of this generic brand and at 50mg each that equals about 12 cents per night... way cheaper than Zzzquil yet it's the same thing... the only difference is the name, so if you buy Zzzquil? Your paying 6.25 times as much for the brand. Yeah... I'll take the generic...

It has been working great! Usually I sleep about 8-9 hours and still have such a hard time getting up! But since I started taking Diphenhydramine? I have been waking up wide awake after 7 hours! Just like back before my MS days! It's funny though, this has been messing me up on my planning for bed as I usually plan on spending 8-9 hours or so in bed but today for example, I woke up just after 7 hours at 3am. Now I usually plan on waking up around 4:30am to 5:00am to work out, so 3:00am was too early! I tried to turn over and sleep another hour but I just laid there waiting for my alarm to go off. It's 4:40pm and I have not napped at all today, I have been cleaning all day since I got back from doing my blood work, and I feel just fine. So I think I have finally got some deep, good quality sleep! It feels... weird!

So thanks to some good sleep, working out, being active, writing, and probably my new antidepressant, I have been feeling really good lately! Motivated! I found myself thinking the other day "I think this is how you are supposed to feel in life" because I have always dealt with depression since my early teens, it's just normal to me, it's all I have known! I can't wait to start using the gym since I kind of have a membership now and if I can raise that $200 in time I will be going back to school finally! I really hope I can! I want to start being productive and working towards a career, not only because I need to so I don't loose my health insurance when I turn 26, but because I need some purpose back in my life! I need to be around people again and I also want to earn some real money haha!