Oh My Gosh, WHERE Has Matt Been???


Yes! I disappeared! I was practicing being a magician! JK... I had a horrible exacerbation, the worst I have ever had, this has started Chapter 2 of my MS life, “Exacerbation 2.0” as I may sometimes call it.

OK SO, Right now I'm not going to describe my experience in detail, that will come later... For now I just want to get you up to date so that I can continue using my blog as a place to post my progress updates and so I can keep everyone up to date as to how I am doing but in order to do that I need to tell you where I am coming from! Plus I just can't leave you all hanging after all of that!

Note: I'm still in major recovery mode in fact, I'm currently using voice recognition software as I can barely use my hands at the moment so I will do what I can.

So where was I really? Well as much as I would like to make you believe that I was at school to become a magician the truth is I was in the hospital and rehab for this horrible relapse of mine, Exacerbation 2.0. Six weeks I was stuck in there, not long compared to some of your stays I know, but it was horrible! With the help of rehab I started getting better and better to the point where it looked like I was going to go home.

Just a few days away from my release date I relapsed again... Turns out I had both a lung and bladder infection... So I was back in the hospital in a near vegetative state. I couldn't move or do anything for myself, the nurses had to do everything. To illustrate just how helpless I was there was one point where I could not stop throwing up for whatever reason and in order to not drown in my own vomit I managed to tilt my head to the side causing me to throw up in my ear. MY EAR!!!! I had to lay there in the dark for about 20 minutes like that... I could not even move my arm enough to clean out my ear while I waited for a nurse to come... It was a horrible experience but I learned a lot from it.

After a while they sent me back to rehab and it was back to square one although my rate of recovery was much quicker than it was before so that was good. It looked like I was getting ready to go home as my arms and hands were a lot better. I could move my legs, sit up, stand, and even take a few guided steps with the Walker and a therapist every few days. I couldn't see very well and I had a bunch of other symptoms making life difficult but I was getting better, I could swallow again so I did not have to eat pureed food, yaaaaaaaaaay, that really did help.

Okay bear with me, I realize my writing does not have as much flow as it usually does and I'm sure there are a good amount of spelling and grammar issues, stupid voice recognition software..... Wait... Without it I couldn't even be able to write this much... Need to learn to appreciate all the little things...

Okay so I in no way captured what my experience was like but like I said, just trying to let you know what was going on so that you can know what I am talking about when I talk about it. Let's see... Hospital... Rehab... let's go over some of the symptoms...
Probably WAY more symptoms but that is all I can remember right now...

I will try to post whenever I can but since I am still in major recovery mode it may be a while, I will not be posting as often as before, that, or my posts will just be really short updates. Hopefully my writing will get better soon and if not I will be posting videos. Once I can type again I will write about my wonderful experience in the hospital but for now we will have to put that on hold.

 Thank you for reading and thank you for all your support!