Symptom Log - Woke Up With Numb Head


Woke up this morning an my head was numb... The back left of my neck, the back left of my head and my left ear. As the night is coming to an end it is slowly spreading down towards my cheek... I can feel that I am touching my skin but it is a very faint sensation as if a dentitst decided to shoot me up with novicane all over my neck, head, and the left side of my face. Also been experiencing a little more pain than usual today most in my right hand's fingertips. One finger in particular has a sever almost itching sensation that comes and goes but mostly just the "I just smashed my finger with a hammer" sensation. My left sciatic nerve is bothering me a bit as well. That's all that's new, vision and everything else is no different than usual.

Symptom Log: 1/7/2012

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