Symptom Log - Prednisone Taper


OK just realized this morning as I was refiling my Mon-Sun pill organizer that I ran out of Prednisone quick! So I am going to taper down pretty fast so that I don't just stop at 60mg or something. Kind of happy though because I was looking for an excuse to get of this crap as it's not doing me any more help and it's causing my mood swings to go nuts! I hate roid rage!

Anyways, in this posting I want to write down my taper plan so I have it on record somewhere so this is more for me. I Wouldn't recommend trying this because you could react horribly but I myself have learned what I can handle but please don't try doing something like this without a doctors care because you can really mess yourself up! I have done this before and I don't even do an oral taper after IV steroids so I know this looks crazy haha!

This Week's Taper Plan

Mon 16 - 80mg
Tues 17 - 60mg
Wed 18 - 60mg
Thur 19 - 60mg
Fri 20 - 40mg
Sat 21 - 40mg
Sun 22 - 40mg

Symptom Log: 1/17/2012

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