Is There a Cure For Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?


I would be willing to bet that at least 90 percent of anyone who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis while owning a computer with access to the internet conducted a search that went something like this:

“Is there a cure for Multiple Sclerosis/MS?”

The results to that internet search were in fact disappointing unless this is being read in the future because the simple answer to that question as of now is “No, there is no known cure to Multiple Sclerosis”.

There are many people who believe they have found a cure or some way to keep the disease in remission but there is no scientifically proven or accepted way to cure MS as there is currently not even an agreement among the medical field as to what even causes the disease. There are many different theories as to what the cause may be but no one can agree on one single idea and no single theory is totally concrete if you ask me anyways. I mean don't get me wrong, they all have strong evidence and numbers to support them but they all seem to have a little trouble standing alone.

Though it may take some time to figure out the cause and the related cure there are many different treatments available to help control Multiple Sclerosis and if you really do your research you may find a diet or some other homeopathic remedy to concurring MS yourself! It seems that something different works for everyone which can only make one further wonder what the cause of MS is?

More than likely we are looking at a multifactorial disease at work here which would explain why so many different people claim that so many different things cured them of their MS. Though we may not have an official cure for Multiple Sclerosis at the moment many people believe we will see it very soon as research continues to advance in the world of MS so do not loose hope! We are almost there!