Happy New Years 2012!


Happy New Years everyone! Time for a fresh start! Many people come up with some cheesy new years resolution list but never follow through with it, I know, because I do it every year myself. But this year I have a good feeling about the new digit we have to remember to write down at the end of the date, this year I am ready for some real change! Let's do this!

Have you ever played chess or some other strategy based game where you can see a few steps ahead and realize that something is about to play out in your favor? That's how I'm feeling about life right now. I can't tell you why, I just feel it, this is going to be good. I see a new car in my near future, maybe a few months (since the person who owes me $2,000 finally got busted with the bench warrant I had served so now I get to see her in court on the 17th of February 2 years later haha!), some income, some better health, some happiness! Things look like they are falling into place so hopefully I didn't kust jinx it! So let's look at my New Years Resolution List:

I really want to make this all happen, I don't think it is to out there, as long as I remain dedicated I think I can seriously pull it all off. People typically don't fallow through with any of their resolutions not because they have unrealistic expectations, but because they resist the change that is necessary to break their old habits and start anew. I don't have too much of a problem with that and since I want change so bad I will stubbornly insure that I complete my endeavors!

I hope that you all have some positive changes to look forward to and I hope that you all can acheive your 2012 goals! Expect some new content on this blog, I have refreshed it's look and feel and I will try to make it more of a useful tool and source of knowledge for everyone!

Happy New Years!