Myelin Repair Foundation

PhotobucketI recently started a personal research project with a buddy of mine to learn as much as we can about Multiple Sclerosis, it's cause, and it's possible cures. Last night I was researching myelin regeneration (as I have a feeling this should be a huge focal point in the race to cure MS) and I stumbled across the "Myelin Repair Foundation".

"The Myelin Repair Foundation is the world’s largest non-profit research organization exclusively focused on developing the next generation of MS treatments—myelin repair."

Now I have yet to finish my research on myelin regeneration, in fact, I have only looked at the top of this iceberg. But strictly from a mechanical point of view, in my opinion, if you can repair damaged myelin while preventing T-Cell's from destroying oligodendrocytes (cells that produce myelin) then you would in theory be attacking the source of the symptoms we MS patients experience rather then just treating the symptoms themselves.

This wouldn't cure MS as there is still the actual source that leads to the Myelin being attacked in the first place but if you could work on controlling the "second source" of this disease you could possibly eliminate the symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis as long as you could maintain the damage done by T-Cells while keeping myelin growing faster then it can be destroyed.

Now keep in mind, what I just said is based off my own developing theories and speculations of MS and I am obviously NOT a doctor. I'm simply a guy doing research at home trying to learn more then the "Average Joe" regarding his own disease. But my basic model goes as follows:

1) Source of disease (Theories Obviously Vary)

Leads To

2) Demyelination

Leads To

3) MS Symptoms

So like I said above, right now the medications we take currently only tackles #3, but if you were to tackle #2 it would in theory tackle #3 as well. Of course, if you were to tackle #1 It would cure everything but I think right now there are just too many different theories to really get anywhere with that so focusing on regenerating myelin just seams like the obvious next best thing to me. But again, I'm no doctor, I could be totally wrong here which is why I still have much more research to do!

I usualy try to only post content on my blog that is actually mine but every once in a while I may make some exceptions. Below is a couple of videos from the Myelin Repair Foundation that I think are worth watching if you have MS or want to learn more about it.

Oligodendrocyte: Cells that produce Myelin